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Titan Wheel Accessories

1" (25mm) Titan Wheel Spacers for Ford Mustang Ranger Explorer | 5x4.5 | 70.5 Hubcentric | 1/2x20 Thread Pitch |

1" (25mm) Titan Wheel Spacers for Ford Mustang Ranger Explorer | 5x4.5 | 70.5 Hubcentric | 1/2x20 Thread Pitch |

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Space out your wheels for a more aggressive stance or increased suspension and brake clearance.

These wheel spacers come with everything needed for full installation.

These Titan Wheel Accessories 1 Inch hubcentric wheel spacers are designed with a 5x4.5 (5x114.3) bolt pattern, 70.5mm hub bore and 1/2x20 thread pitch for Ford Crown Victoria, Five Hundred, Mustang, Taurus, Edge, Explorer and Ranger. They are machined from T6 6061 billet aluminum, making them both lightweight and durable. These spacers will improve the stance of your vehicle, providing a more aggressive look while also adding additional clearance for aftermarket brake and suspension parts. They also allow for larger wheel and tire combinations to be installed, giving you more options for customization. These spacers are easy to install and come with all necessary hardware.


- Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5 (5x114.3)

- Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5 (5x114.3)

- Hub Bore: 70.5

- Thread Pitch: 1/2"x20

- Thickness: Each spacer measures 1 Inch (25mm) thick


- Our spacers are machined from billet T6 6061 aluminum

- Black finish

Vehicle Fitment

These spacers will bolt up to the following vehicles:

1952-1954 Ford Crestline
1992-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
1955-1967 Ford Fairlane
1962-1967 Ford Falcon
2005-2007 Ford Five Hundred
1960-1974 Ford Galaxie
1952-1954 Ford Mainline
1967-1973 Ford Mustang
1994-2014 Ford Mustang
2010-2016 Ford Taurus
1958-1971 Ford Thunderbird
2007-2010 Ford Edge
1991-2010 Ford Explorer
1991-2011 Ford Ranger (Will NOT fit the front of the vehicle if manual locking hubs are installed)
1982-1990 Ford Bronco II (Does not fit XLT Model)
1984-1992 Lincoln Mark 7
1982-2004 Lincoln Town Car
2003-2010 Lincoln Aviator
1996-2010 Mercury Mountaineer
1991-1994 Mazda Navajo
1998-2009 Mazda B Series

Vehicle fitment information applies only to the vehicle's hub.

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Installation Information

- Please ensure that the your vehicle has the same studs as the adapters, otherwise additional lug nuts WILL BE required

- Make sure that all lug nuts get a full 6-8 turns when tightening. Failure to do so, can result in damage to your vehicle.

- Installation needs to be performed by a trained professional

It's Possible that your OEM Studs are longer than the spacer is thick, if so you have a few options:

- Your lugs studs will need to be shortened by grinding them down or you can replace your OEM lug studs with shorter studs.

- If your wheels have sufficient sized and placed pockets machined in the backside, between the mounting holes, then you should not need to modify your factory wheel studs.

- Always ensure that there is no gap between the spacer and the back of the wheels.

Complete Installation Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Stock Jeep Wrangler TJ (2003) review

These are good quality. Expensive, but they will work good for my application.
- They do have "some" countersink on the holes
- They do have paint on the unit, so it will degrade slower
- They fit well, but I kind of wish they fit a but tighter to the lugs

I need these because I bought some 31" for the Jeep (2.5" EMU lift, with JKS Quicker disconnects), and because the new BFG AT KO2 tires were a bit wider, they grabbed the anti-sway bar / JKS combo, and ripped it downwards, thus trashing the bushings on the JKS, and creating a problem where my anti-sway bar was at a bad angle.

The solution, space out the wheels a short distance. I started with washers (bought from home depot), which were 1/8" inch thick, and used 20 of them on the front wheel to test out 2 things really:

a) Would the tires collide with the anti-sway bar / JKS any longer?
b) Would there be enough threads left on the stock lugs (attached to hub) on the wheels to allow the lug nuts to go on enough revolutions to secure the wheel to the hub any longer.

The answer to both, was Yes. It spaced out the BFG AT KO2's enough, where even with a large amount of articulation (I tested this), that it would no longer grab the bars and damage them.

Conclusion 1: The lugs on the stock rear, Jeep Rubicon Model 44 Dana axle from factory on FRONT, are not the same legnth as the REAR. Both have disc brakes on them. The Rear Lug bolts are SHORTER. However, it is important to know the following, if you are not going to go out and buy new lug bolts for your hubs on Front and Rear:

After installing the new 1/4" Titan wheel spacers on both the front and rear:

1) The Front wheel lug nuts will go a full 8.5 revolutions, on to the lugs (hub).
2) The Rear wheel lug nuts will go on a full 5.5 revolutions, on to the lugs.

So, the fronts are fine. The rears, are iffy. I checked again after a week and all lugs are secure and tight. I put a calendar reminder again to check them in 1 month and so forth. Having a wheel fall off is no joke. The vehicle kind of needs the wheels to be on.

NOTE: Each of the 4 hubs (from factory), has two (2) threaded, locking metal washers attached to each hub, which will hold the Rotor to the Hub. Know this!

These little locking washers will add additional space to the end of the Rotor, and prevent you from completely attaching these Titan Wheel spacers to the surface of the rotor. In other words, I had to remove these 2 little guys from all 4 wheels.

The purpose is obvious, why the factory did this. However, I wanted to remove these so that I could get the maximum amount of Lug Nut threads to engage with each of the lug nuts on the Hub. Know this. It is your call.

5.5 revolutions on the Rear hubs has me a bit worried.

My advice is to never go more than 1/4" spacers on a stock setup (Jeep Wrangler). If you do, then take the Jeep to the shop, have them remove all of the factory Lug bolts from the Hubs, and replace them with longer ones.

That said, I like these spacers on the Jeep. And am keeping them on, unless I see evidence that the lug nuts are loosening, or the wheels are working themselves away from the Hub/Rotors .

NOTE: If you have a Jeep, and are worried (still ) about your tires colliding with other components (read: frame, sway bars, wheel wells, etc), then know that you have some BUMP STOPS, which are located on the inside of the Steering Knuckle, which have adjustable BOLTS on them, that can be shimmed outwards using WASHERS, so that when a full stop to stop turn to the left or right is performed, that it will stop the tire before it collides with those components. Know however that the trade off, is that you will lower your turning radius. I didn't want to lower my turning radius on the Jeep, so I went with these Titan Wheel spacers to solve my problem.

That is all.

Matt Heater

Amazing product

Angel Caballeros
Awesome product

My old spacers studs stripped these were a great replacement so far had no issues with them look very durable made my wheel fitment flush with my fenders no regrets

Neal Karlen

Installed 2006 Mustang Bullitt mags to my 2011 Crown Victoria. Beautiful craftsmanship. Very satisfied.

James LHeureux
2 inch wheel spacer for ford ranger

Shipped out quick, and fit very well, and they give the truck a nice stance