Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a return?

You are welcome to return any wheel spacers or wheel adapters in new condition within 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any returns that ahve been installed and driven on. Please contact us for the return information and RMA number.

Which wheel spacers do I need?

The best way to find wheel spacers or wheel adapters for your vehicle specifically is to enter your vehicle's year, make and model on the wheel spacers page. 

From there, take a look at your car and estimate how much clearance you have and what stance you are looking for to determine the thickness of the spacers that you need. It can help to take some measurements for more accuracy.

We're always happy to help, so feel free to contact us for more assistance with finding the right spacers for your application.

What is the difference between hubcentric and lugencentric wheel spacers?

Hubcentric wheel spacers have a hub bore that matches the hub size of your vehicle as well as a lip for the wheel to center on. This matching hub size centers the spacer on your vehicle's hub and centers the wheel on the sapcer when installing, reducing the risk of vibrations.

Unlike hubcentric wheel spacers, lugcentric spacers and adapters have a larger hub size and generally will not fit tight on your vehicle's hub. These types of spacers and adapters use lug nuts with a conical seat that matches the conical seat of the wheel spacers and most wheels, to center the spacers and wheels. Lugcentric spacers are still able to be installed safely, but more care must be taken to ensure that they are properly centeres to the hub and wheel.

What are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers sit between your vehicle's hub and wheel, spacing out your vehicle's wheels. Spacing out a vehicle's wheels allow additional clearance for brake and suspension upgrades or simply for a more aggressive looking stance.

What are Titan Wheel Spacers made out of?

All of our wheel spacers and adapters are machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum. Our bolt-on wheel spacers and adapters use grade 12.9 steel studs.

What are the torque specifications?

When installing Titan Wheel Accessories wheel spacers and wheel adapters, the lug nuts should be torqued to your vehicle manufacturer's lug nut torque specifications, but the torque should not exceed 110ft lbs. 

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