7/16" Spline Acorn Lug Nuts | Black Lug Nuts

7/16" Spline Acorn Lug Nuts | Black Lug Nuts

  • $34.97


  • Lug Nut Height: 1.38"
  • Total Width: .68"
  • Hex Size: Requires Key ***
  • Thread Pitch: 7/16"
  • Key Is provided when a set of 16 or more is purchased, key would have a hex size of 3/4" or 13/16" and is 6 spline

  • Vehicle Fitments

    If you have any fitment questions just send us an email

    These will thread to any Vehicle Models that have a 7/16" Thread Pitch, in which the wheels have conical seat lug nuts

    These WILL NOT WORK with OEM caps that require the use of a lug nut to hold them on

    Additional Information

    • These lugs are typically used with aftermarket wheels, these are a conical seat
    • The compatibility is based off the thread pitch that the vehicle requires, please check your wheels to ensure correct fitment
    • These are not a replacement for OEM Lug nuts (however they may be compatible with the OEM Wheels) You will need to check you wheels to ensure correct fitment
    • Made from steel that has been through-hardened - these are a one piece lug, and have NO outside sleeve like most OEM lugs
    • Please ensure that these are the correct lugs for you vehicles wheels prior to purchase